Attention Business Owners!

Google is Shutting Down Your Website made with Google Business Profiles

Important news for thousands of small business owners in the digital sphere: Google has declared that Business.Site websites, a pivotal component of Google Business Profiles, will cease operation starting March 1, 2024. If your business relies on these sites, it’s imperative to take action promptly!


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What's Changing?

Effective March 1, 2024, Google will discontinue support for Business.Site websites. Initially, there will be a redirect to your Google Business Profile; however, after June 10, 2024, these sites will become inaccessible, resulting in a “page not found” error. This transition affects all websites with the domain.

Why Is This Occurring?

Google’s decision mirrors the shifting landscape of digital commerce. The simplicity of Business.Site websites is being surpassed by the demand for more sophisticated and customizable online platforms. This strategic pivot hints at a future where businesses have access to advanced and tailored website solutions.

What Should You Do??

Why Does It Matter?

Your website often forms the initial impression customers have of your business. A polished, functional website can attract more customers and enhance your brand. While this change may present initial challenges, it offers an opportunity to rejuvenate and elevate your online presence.

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